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Wersi Official OAS Software Activations

Please email us at, or Telephone us at the Wersi UK Office on 01422 359603 to order OAS activations.

Operating System

Version 7 Software
Version 7 is the latest OAS Operating System for Wersi OAS instruments.
Abacus KS-1, Expander EX-1, GigaPiano GP1000, Ikarus X-1, Louvre GS1000, Scala GS700, Xenios XE-20, Vegas CS70, and Verona GS500 can all be upgraded to the latest software which includes new functions, expansions, hundreds of new sounds, styles, realdrums, effects and presets.

OAS Expansion Modules

OpenArt-Arranger — £555.00   Full Colour Manual Included
The OpenArt-Arranger (OAA) is a state of the art Auto Accompaniment Arranger, which allows users to create their own User Styles, edit both Factory and User Styles, load all Yamaha Tyros 3 styles (free 400 Yamaha Style Library included) all without having to convert. Adds new Intros, Endings, Fills and Breaks.
OpenArt Styles 2011 — £239.00
The updated OAS Factory Style Library. Over 300 styles have been revoiced, new easy play harmonies added, new Live Drum high quality drums, New Real Rhythm Guitar, 4 fills for each style, 3 into/endings for all new OpenArt styles, and a large proportion of the revised Factory Styles.
Rhythm Designer — £162.00   Full Colour Manual Included
The Rhythm Designer allows players to use rhythm loops as an accompaniment to their playing.
Up to 4 loops may be used at any one time, and there are over 1000 to choose from in the included rhythm library.
You can use the Rhythm Designer in conjunction with the style and RealDrum accompaniment to have the best sound possible.
Selector Plus — £320.00
Selector Plus allows users of the Abacus, Ex-1, GigaPiano, Ikarus, Verona and Xenios instruments to turn their instruments into a virtual Scala/Louvre by allowing 4 sounds for the upper manual, and 3 sounds for the lower manual, and 2 sounds for the pedal/bass. New keyboard split options are also provided.
Sound Factory — £399.00
Sound Factory allows the user to access the thousands of OAS samples and create new sounds consisting of up to 10 sounds at any one time.
The OAS digital FX system can be controlled, and samples edited. Includes both an 'Easy' mode for beginners and an 'Expert' mode for more experienced users.
Wersi Multi-Recorder — £252.00
The Wersi Multi-Recorder is an easy to use 8-track recording system. Up to 8 tracks can be recorded, mixed and exported as either WAV or MP3 files, allowing the creation of high quality CDs of your performance.

Sound Expansion Packs

Analogue 1: Wersi Galaxy — £130.00
Samples of the famous Wersi Galaxy organ from the 1970s, including superb drawbar samples.
Experience the classic sounds of the 1970s organ boom.
Analogue 2: Wersi Helios — £130.00
The Helios package includes samples of Wersi Analog Strings, Drawbars, Solo Sounds, Effects, and Funky Pianos as used by Klaus Wunderlich and Franz Lambert more than 30 years ago.
Analogue 3: Wersi Helios and Comet — £130.00
This package extends the Analogue 2: Wersi Helios package, adding more drawbars and sounds, as well as samples of the Wersi Comet organ from the 1970s. The retro guitars, drawbars, solos and strings make this an excellent companion to the previous two Analogue sound expansions.
Best of Accordion — £162.00
This sound expansion pack contains samples of some of the most famous accordions, such as Hohner Morino, Alpina, Mengascini, Musette Cavagnolo, Cavagnolo 2 Voix, Cavagnolo 3 Voix and Swiss Örgli.
All accordions have been recorded in stereo, resulting in a highly realistic sound.
Best of CD-Line — £130.00
A collection of the best sounds from the classic Wersi CD-Line range of organs (such as the Atlantis, Gaia, Spectra and Wega). Contains 26 sounds from these classic instruments.
Church Organs — £110.00
Play your OAS instrument with 34 first-class classic church organ tones, offering the superb sounds of the large pipe organ.
Franz Lambert Edition — £399.00
This special package consists of many of the popular sounds sampled from Franz Lambert's personal organ, including new styles, presets, drum kits and mixer settings.
Note that the OAS OpenArt-Arranger and Studio Drum Expansion are required to use this package.
Franz Lambert Edition 2 — £350.00
Expanding upon the Franz Lambert Edition 1 pack, this package includes 29 new Longwave Sounds, 20 new OpenArt Styles (4 Variations, 3 Intros, and 2 breaks), 20 Total Presets, 20 Selector Plus Presets, 2 New Live Drum Kits, New Drum Samples, New Mixer Settings, New FL Reverb Effect, New Real Guitarist and New FL FX Sounds.
Grand Pianos — £110.00
The unmistakable sound of the Grand Piano is captured by this package, offering a variety of sounds from Concert Grands to upright and slick dance pianos.
Native Instruments B4 — £299.00
Native Instruments B4 Virtual Hammond Organ.
Controlled over the OAS drawbars and includes a special B4 editor for an experience to rival the genuine article. Includes 120 Hammond presets as standard.
Portamento — £110.00
This package contains 21 tones with the portamento effect (the sliding of pitch between notes).
Now you can really slide Guitar and Saxaphone sounds.
New OAS portamento sounds include: Stratocaster, Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Tenor Sax and many more.
Studio Drums — £130.00
Offers 180 high-quality drum samples, to bring a new realism to your accompaniment.
20 new Studio Drum Kits have been set up specially for use with the Wersi, OAA and Yamaha styles.
Theatre Organs — £110.00
A collection of 20 Theatre organs sampled in high quality stereo. Enjoy the sounds of a variety of organs, including Barton, Morton and Wurlitzer.
World of Organs — £110.00
A collection of vintage organ sounds, from Hammond organs to European models. Provides a fantastic emulation of the legendary tone wheel, equipped with 9 drawbars, percussion, key click and whirring rotor. Provides a total of 65 sounds.
World of Synths — £110.00
World of Synths contains 256 new synth sounds. Resonant Filters, Pads, Sweeps and more offer the real sound of synths on your OAS instrument.

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